New Hope Christian School relies heavily on the tuition and other fee payments to pay teachers and continue to offer the school activities and services we have. Parent’s financial responsibility is crucial for the proper functioning of this ministry.

New Hope Christian School is committed to offering quality, Biblically-based education at an affordable price. Although supported by New Hope Bible Church, the school requires devoted parents who understand their financial responsibility in helping us provide this quality education.

There are no deductions for missed days, no refunds, and late payments may incur additional fees. It is the parent’s responsibility to make New Hope Christian School aware of an inability to make a payment before the payment is due. Please see the NHCS Handbook for a full description of our policies regarding student tuition.

In addition to annual tuition fees, there is also a Book Fee which is due with the first payment that starts the school year.

  • The book fee for students in K-6th grade is $350.00

  • The book fee for students in 7-8th grade is $550.00.


per student is the yearly cost of attendance.
discounted from a second student’s yearly tuition.
discounted from each additional student’s yearly tuition.*
ways to pay: full payment, bi-annual, and monthly.

*For example, if you enroll four students, the total tuition will be $9,500 for the year (not including additional fees): $3,000 for the first student, $2,500 for the second student, and $2,000 each for the third and fourth student. Please note that tuition does not include the student book fees listed above.


New Hope Christian School, out of a desire to help parents, offers three different methods for paying a student’s tuition:

  1. Full Payment (One-Time Payment): The entire tuition is due before the start of the school year.
  2. Bi-Annual Payments (Two Payments): Half of your student’s tuition is due before the start of the school year. The second half of their tuition is due before the start of the second semester.
  3. Monthly Payments (Nine Payments): Payments for your student’s tuition is broken up over the course of nine months, with payment due on or before the 1st of each month. Payment must be made via automatic withdrawal.


All payments are due by the due date of any of these three options. If payments are not received by the due date, a late fee will be applied. All families are responsible for meeting their financial obligations with New Hope Christian School on a timely basis. Should a difficulty in meeting your financial obligations occur, it is your responsibility to notify the Head of School or Business Administrator to make a special arrangement or adjustment to your agreement in writing.


A $40.00 late payment fee will be automatically added to the tuition owed if not paid within the 15-day grace period after your scheduled payment date. Students whose accounts are 30 days past due may not be permitted to participate in extracurricular activities in school, such as drama, winter sports, summer sports, etc. Students whose accounts are 60 days past due may not be allowed in school until tuition is paid or arrangements have been made in writing. Additionally, progress reports, report cards, transcripts, and any other documents will not be issued to parents with past due accounts. Past due accounts include, and will not be limited to, unpaid balances with registration fees, extracurricular activity fees, late payment fees, book fees, and after school care fees


In mid-January, current families will be given the opportunity for a period to re-enroll their student(s) for the following year without the threat of the child’s spot being given to an incoming student. To do so they must submit the appropriate paperwork by the stated deadline. After the noted date open enrollment begins, and spots not secured by current students may be given to new enrollees.

If NHCS finds a student unacceptable to return to NHCS, proper action will be taken to meet with parents and convey the intention of the school not to re-enroll him/her and to provide reasons on which this decision is based. This type of last-option decision will, except in extreme cases, only be made after multiple attempts have been made at various levels of intervention to address the issues, behavioral or otherwise.


    Upon application submission, each family must agree to faithfully pay the tuition amounts on a timely basis beginning in September of the enrollment year. If a student withdraws, the parents are responsible to pay the tuition through the date of withdraw. All withdrawals must be stated in writing, dated, and signed.